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Sleep Rough Campaign: 8 weeks, 8 Cities

Updated: Feb 21

Sleep Rough Campaign

Richard Roncero will be taking on an epic challenge of sleeping on the streets with just a sleeping bag for 8 weeks in 8 different Cities.

Richard Roncero, founder of Steps to Hope

On the 5th of December 2023 our founder, Richie Roncero will be taking to the streets to on sleep rough for 8 weeks. He will take a sleeping bag and literally be sleeping on concrete for 2 months spending 1 week rough sleeping in each City, visiting 8 different Cities. Richie will be relying on the public to gift him money each day so he can eat.

Richie says:

"I want to stand for those who are forgotten, raise awareness of Homelessness, the Steps to Hope services and raise funds to help more people into a new way of life."

Richard Roncero, Founder of Steps to Hope

To donate please visit our Just Giving page:

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